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April 26, 2009

Disneyland Paris


Hi everybody we just wanna tell that we are going on vacation tomorrow, we are going too Disneyland Paris!! We are very excited to go, because offcourse we love Disney:-) this would be the 10th time that we will go, but we never get tierd:-D hihi

so we won't have time for our blog:-( we are so sorry...
but for know we can't wait till JONAS!! ow we love the jonas brothers so this serie would be amazing!!

You will hear from us soon!

We love you and thank you for checking out or blog!!

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What a Girl Wants MP4

Taylor Swift - On CSI MP4

Hayden Panettiere - Some songs

Meaghan Jette Martin - Lets Talk About Love

Spectacular! MP4

Demi Lovato - Back Around MP3

Jonas Brothers - Pizza Girl

April 24, 2009

Jonas Brothers New Album Cover: Lines, Vines and Trying Times

Jonas Brothers New Album will come out in 15 June!
News and Rumors have it that the Jonas Brothers first single for their upcomgin album Vines, Lines, and Trying Times, will be "Paranoid" and it will air on the radio May 12!

Hannah Montana The Movie

17 again

April 23, 2009

Italy was AMAZING!!

Ciao Everybody

i am back from Italy!! it was really amazing, so beautiful and the people were so nice:-)
i have been to milano, Bari, Ruvo, Trani, Aberubello and stayed in Corato with my italian friend Francesca...she is so nice and we had a great time. it was so sad th goodbye:-( i hope i will see her soon again, maby this summer:-)

so now i am back and i am going to work on our site:-)
ow and in Italy there are 2 diffrent types of Disneychannel, in Italian and in english:-) i saw it in english because my italian isnt so great:-p hihi

ok guys,

Rock On
Love you'

April 15, 2009



hi everyone
i wanna say that tomorrow i will go to italy, i have a exchange, so i won't have time for this site...
i am sorry but i will be back in a week.:-)
i am very excited to go:-) it's gonna be awsome i think...
so for now

Byebye and you will here from me later;-)

Rock On


April 11, 2009

Ashley Tisdale New Album Cover!!

Here is Ashley's new album cover: Guilty Pleasure
I think This Album is going to be great!!
its gonna release 16 june 2009
so we have to wait a little....
Confirmed Tracks are:
"It's Alright, It's OK"
"Hot Mess"
"How Do You Love Someone?"
"What If"

Back In Time With Britney Spears

we are going back in time with Britney Spears!!
check her old albums you can download them here:-)
i am going to upload more so don't worry
have a great time in The History of Britney Spears

April 2, 2009